Give them great players and they'll plug them into a great game plan and what could possibly go wrong?James Harrison Jersey Remember how Ricky Williams walked out on Dave Wannstedt and the Dolphins a few days before training camp started in 2004? Wouldn't you know it,DeForest Buckner Jersey Nick Saban welcomed Ricky back during his own run as Dolphins coach. Came to respect the work ethic of the former Heisman Trophy winner and his unique contributions to team chemistry.Ezekiel Elliott Jersey Matter of fact, the two of them talked about it over pizza at Saban's house a few days after Ricky was suspended for the entire 2006 season due to a fourth violation of the NFL's substance-abuse policy.Eli Apple Jersey On Tuesday, Dolphins defensive tackle Earl Mitchell expressed no reservations about the potential return of a teammate who hasn't proven himself very devoted to the team.Sheldon Rankins Jersey ''There's no hard feelings," Mitchell said concerning Jordan,DeAndre Levy Jersey and in that statement comes confirmation that I wouldn't be everybody's favorite NFL teammate, either,LeSean McCoy Jersey the reasons being extreme lack of talent, of course,Justin Hunter Jersey and an appalling lack of patience, too.Junior Galette Jersey So I'll return to my business, which in this case is observing and commenting on the Dolphins.Arian Foster Jersey They'll take Jordan back as soon as they can get him, naturally. They'll do it because the career window of any elite NFL athlete is so short that you can't afford to waste a single sack or interception or scoring play that somebody was born to contribute. As admitted repeatedly in this column, I wouldn't be very good at making it all work, the juggling of strong egos and personalities in a locker room environment that never stays the same for long. Frankly, it's a wonder when anyone does.